loud luxury

Joe Depace and Andrew Fedyk, the Canadian boys of Loud Luxury, are ambitious artists who settled a few years ago in the land of hopes and dreams, otherwise known as Los Angeles. After performing in preceding musical projects, the diligent producers have found their kismet with this group as they skyrocket into a prosperous career.

The easygoing duo created this project to reveal their enthusiasm and love for dance music after meeting in university in Ontario. The moniker “Loud Luxury” came about as a way to characterize the lavish sound they aimed to create, however, they didn’t want a particular sound to be the defining element of them. “At the end of the day, there’s probably people way better at music than us, but they won’t outwork us. We believe we have a really strong work ethic and keep doing what we’re doing because we love it.” Compared to the first year they toured where they only had 30 shows the entire year, they now have well over 200 shows on the road set for 2019. The charming pair have realized how much it has been a big learning curve for them as they find time for everything while navigating their lives on the road. Since the rambunctious entertainers haven’t gone to a festival as fans in so long, they were especially excited about going back to their roots and seeing Coachella through the lens of a fan and music-goer. “It’s essential to remember how that feels to go as fans because that gives us a lot of inspiration for how we act as artists and what we create.” 

After reflecting on their previous experiences in bands, the guys compare to how distinctly different it is with this project. “You would only have to play one instrument really well, like drums or bass, and now, you have to master everything really well whether that be with producing, DJing, playing shows, meeting people, marketing, doing radio and press, and promoting yourself with social media.” It’s quite a diverse aspect that DJs and producers need to master these days, but nevertheless, they are cruising well in this contemporary and dynamic role. After winning the Juno Award for Dance Recording of the Year for “Body” at the Juno Awards earlier this year, there’s no doubt that they will receive more accolades for their vivacious dance hits. Be sure to support the spunky, perseverant group on Beatport.

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