jan blomqvist

The uniquely gifted German singer and producer, Jan Blomqvist, underwent a cathartic transformation with his latest album Disconnected, which aims to awaken its listeners with a sense of awareness and an unrestricted, liberated feeling in a neverending world of constant technological connections. Compared to other electronic music artists, Jan is one of few who intends to send thought-provoking messages with his dreamy music as he combines the world of techno into a concert setting.

For about a decade now, the Berlin-based singer has been producing and performing with a live band that consists of a guitarist, drummer, and synthesizers by his side. While attending Burning Man in 2016, Jan pondered why people were so eager to disengage from their mundane lives and go out into this communal desert city built in the middle of nowhere. With this revelation, he grasped the notion that people do have a desire to form genuine connections and flee from reality from time to time. The intuitive character then began recording tracks in far-fetched places around the world like Iceland, NYC, and California to capture the influential culture and energy these places revitalized on him and his band. In 2018, the album was released in a three-part series with each managing to favorably weave his soulful lyrics into his melancholy tech house beats.

Even as a successful artist in the music business, he believes that the biggest problem the industry is facing is that there’s too much of everything. “Too many releases, too many artists, too many one-hit wonders. The other side of this is that there’s no real interest in the music because everything is just about clicks. Songs are becoming shorter on average because more minutes are just baggage and not cost-efficient…but who can tell a story in 2 minutes and 30 seconds? I love a good short story, but what about epic novels that last and make you happy with their depth and richness? We also need those in music.” Not only do these long tracks have the capability to take you through an insightful journey, but also generate stirring emotions and thoughts for its listeners.

In this fresh album, Jan hints for us to be reflective, remove distractions, and fully live in-the-moment without cellphones, computers, or other technological interruptions by our side. Even though he prefers to have his listeners decipher his tracks introspectively, he advocates the idea of disconnecting from the world every once in a while to fully recharge from the woes of everyday life. He’s currently touring for his sophomore album at various festivals and concerts this year while working on his next album that’s bound to have fans feening for more. Support the captivating musician now on Beatport and on his personal site.



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