joe miller

Relatively fresh in the scene, Joe Miller is an underrated DJ and producer who has released dreamy melodic tracks on prominent labels like Dream Culture, L’enfant terrible, Magician on Duty, and All Day I Dream. By creating understated yet irresistible sounds, he intends to awaken his listeners with a sentimental concoction of refreshing bliss, soothing euphoria, and comforting peace of mind.

The imaginative soul grew up playing the piano and began DJing as a teenager before producing seriously a few years later. As a youngster, he started out listening to ’90’s trance, eventually moving his way into folk music and then minimal and techno. Reflecting back, the insightful figure saw how “cheesy” trance could be perceived but admits now that “there’s a particular emotion to that kind of music that isn’t around anymore.” His minimal sound is ever-changing, for he tries to integrate all these influential styles of music and find a ground where people can dance yet still experience those emotions that trance conveys. 

In order to pursue music full-time, the native Australian moved about 3 years ago from his hometown of Adelaide to Melbourne, a cosmopolitan city with a broad music scene that includes genres like garage, indie rock, drum and bass, house, and techno. Sometimes, there are surprising challenges that present when chasing music as a full-time career, and one of those is actually finding the time for it. “The more you immerse yourself into the music, the more you respect the music you grew up listening to. You appreciate how much work has gone into it,” he explains. “There’s a certain naivety when you dive right into it, which makes you realize how much endless learning there will be. For every new thing you learn, you grasp the fact that there are 10 more things to learn.”

Growing up, Joe thought he’d be a novelist but doesn’t see it as something unattainable anymore. “Maybe that’s where I’ll be in 10 years. I’m giving music a shot and want to see where it takes me, although I’m not sure you can DJ for the rest of your life.” Despite DJing being his passion, he reveals how it is his productions that have enabled him and everyone else to score gigs as a traveling musician. He believes that DJs should be booked based on their merit as a disc jockey since nowadays, you need to get noticed for your production skills in order to get booked as a DJ. Nevertheless, the keen artist sets himself apart from the rest with his organically rich tunes and playful ’60’s-inspired fashion style that emanates his warmhearted and easygoing character.

After embarking on his first U.S. tour this past May, Joe yearns to write an album, release tracks on favorite labels that he adored as a kid, and perform at life-changing festivals in the future like Burning Man in the U.S., Rainbow Serpent in Australia, or Organik Festival in Taiwan. People may not recognize his name in this oversaturated market or know what his values are, but once people hear the music, they’ll be able to decipher his vitality and positive spirit through his distinct tunes. Support the talented artist now on Beatport and Facebook.


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