patricia baloge

The Ghanaian-French mademoiselle named Patricia Baloge is a refreshing newcomer who is one of few that specializes in Afro-house in the diversified house scene of NYC. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that the introverted soul started pursuing music and sought to create melodies that not only embraced her culture but that of others as well.

After growing up in Montpellier, France, Patricia decided to move to the U.S. after finishing high school to study international business, but later decided to quit school since it didn’t feel right at that moment, nor did it make her happy or fulfilled. With the reassurance of a few friends, she bought her first sensitizer and found beauty in what she was hearing. “It resonated with me to who I am and what I’m supposed to be doing. I started gaining more confidence in myself because I was creating something that was beautiful to me.” Since then, the creative character has performed her groovy tunes at unique parties here like Dreamland, FeverNYC, House Con Leche, and more.

Instead of being boxed into 1 genre, her sound is rather defined on how it makes people feel: enlightened, open-minded, and upbeat. “As I learned to DJ by myself, I realized the impact it could have on people, and that I can actually make certain voices be heard by bringing music that no one’s heard before to the world.” The cosmopolitan figure also believes that incorporating her roots into her sets can educate the world in a compelling way. “The rise of African music is a sort of political revenge because Africa has been treated very negatively over history. We may not have all the money in the world, but I think our power is in our culture. Nobody can stop us from making the music we needed to make, and I think that’s why I decided to pursue music because that’s the best way for me to express my anger in a soulful way.”

Not only does the brave risktaker love to experiment with music, but also with fashion, for it’s in these two artistic fields where she’s able to express her creative side in a dreamy and embellished version of herself. After moving here 10 years ago, the ’80’s inspired fashionista is thankful to have discovered her “adult self” in NYC and sees herself chasing more opportunities in this rambunctious city. Be sure to support the warmhearted artist now on Facebook and Soundcloud.


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