The NYC house and techno veteran Boris is one who performs regularly around the globe to connect with his loyal audience and spread good vibes. Since the early ’90s, the diligent artist has transformed the electronic music scene with his masterfully crafted tunes and down-to-earth persona. Aside from his own label Transmit Recordings, the prolific producer has released numerous tracks on other acclaimed labels over the years like ToolroomNervous RecordsIntec, SensoTronic, Mindshake, Suara, SCI+TECH, and more. Based on how busy he’s been in and out of the studio, we can expect his prosperous career to flourish even more with his sensational EPs to be released in the upcoming weeks.

A few weeks ago, Boris recently threw a special party that celebrated the spirit and liveliness of quintessential dance music from the past 2 decades. He proclaims that the ’90s were ultimately the golden era for house music. “So many great records came out, especially between 1998-2000 and 2004-2007. There were songs that bring you nostalgia and you can relate to still to this day. Nowadays, you can make a record and 3 weeks later, it’s already forgotten unless there was something that made it unique and remarkable. Back then, almost everything was memorable.” It’s certainly difficult in this business to make your tracks memorable, for Boris believes that it needs a certain vibe and sample on it to be unforgettable.

Although he’s traveled to various countries over the years, the avid foodie believes that there still are no restaurants like in NYC. If he could, he would blissfully eat pizza every day. He lives his life at ease with the motto that “you should have no regrets because tomorrow is not promised, so live life to the fullest and don’t deprive yourself of anything.” For the remainder of this year, he’ll be busy touring throughout the country and performing at massive festivals like Heart Festival during Art Basel in Miami. Check out his brand new EP that was released on August 26 on Paco Osuna’s label Mindshake Records, and be on the lookout for another huge surprise project with two renowned hip hop artists that will come out in September. Support the grateful DJ and producer now on Beatport and Facebook.



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