kyle watson

Immersed and surrounded by music his whole life, Kyle Watson has always had a deep love and enthusiasm for music, especially since he had a father as a musician and grew up classically trained in the field. The South African DJ and producer has thrived and made himself well-established in the electronic music scene for exhibiting his versatility, craftiness, and charm through his animated live sets and bouncy tech-house tracks, especially after the release of his debut album Into The Morning in 2018.

Since he first started creating music over 15 years ago, Kyle has released tracks under prestigious labels over the years like This Ain’t Bristol, Dirtybird, Toolroom, and more. As he’s flourished in the industry, the devoted musician believes that he’s gotten to where he is by seizing opportunities when they come and not holding anything back. Over the years, he’s become aware that “the industry has its pros and cons, but the main thing is to keep level-headed since it’s easy to get carried away like that in this business.” Some obstacles might be maintaining the momentum once it’s attained and staying relevant within the scene, but while other artists have plans on where they want to be in 2-3 years, the optimistic soul prefers to maintain his positivity by focusing on the present and taking everything as it comes. With the opportunities to use state-of-the-art equipment and perform all around the world, the grateful artist believes that the present is the best time to be alive. “There’s so much potential that I believe now is a good time to be writing music. If someone from the ’80s and ’90s heard the music we’re creating now, they’d be dumbfounded.”

In his downtime when he’s not in the studio or writing songs, the laidback character focuses on video-editing and looks forward to relaxing on the couch with his wife binge-watching Netflix and other mindbending shows like Euphoria. Later this year, the Johannesburg native will return stateside over the New Year’s Eve and perform more shows in his home country. Be sure to check out his latest single “Safe” and support the diligent, down-to-earth artist now on Beatport and Facebook.


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