If there’s anything you should know about Philipp Maier, whose professional moniker is Santé, it’s that he’s more fun and lighthearted than the internet otherwise suggests. Over the past two decades, the lucrative DJ, producer, and record label owner of AVOTRE forged a name for himself in the tech-house world with his experimental yet stylish approach to electronic music that has and will sustain him even further in the next chapter of his evolving career.

When he was 21 years old, the amusing character moved from his humble roots in southern Germany to immerse himself in the flourishing music industry and eclectic soul of Berlin. For over 16 years, the skilled producer shared his upbeat, addictive tracks with the world, but about 2 years ago, he opted to take a leap both personally and professionally by moving across the continent to Portugal. “I wanted to completely change my life, and now I’m enjoying it even more as I surf and live in the sun.” At the same time he relocated, he adjusted the direction and sound of his label to something more “minimalistic and straightforward and less ‘overproduced’ with fewer instruments.” Now that he’s living in Portugal, the native German jokes that perhaps he could be a professional surfer, “since it’s similar to DJing in that both careers get paid to travel the world.” Nevertheless, he couldn’t see himself doing anything besides music because it’s what he’s always wanted to do. This new lifestyle is such a refreshing change that there are even some days where he doesn’t even touch his mobile. “I find the internet to be overrated. Maybe I would be more successful if I put more effort into social media, but for me, it’s all about the music and being in-the-moment. We only live once, so we shouldn’t focus on a screen or anything else that distracts us.”

Earlier this year, Santé released his highly anticipated ‘Current II’ album and will be following up with 2 remix EPs in November and December. In the next year, he will continue to ride some waves and possibly release a 3rd album that recaps 10 years of traveling and touring. When people reach this thriving point in their career, many still yearn for more, but he feels that they have to step back and ask themselves what they really want from life. “Even if I play fewer shows per month, I’m okay with that and would rather have more quality time spent with friends.” At the moment, he feels content and knows he’s doing exactly what he wants to be doing while enjoying the best of both worlds, whether it’s from behind the decks or in the ocean. Support the diligent, spirited artist now on Beatport and Facebook.


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