ben böhmer

Acclaimed for his sophisticated taste and ethereal sound, Ben Böhmer is a young brilliant musician who manages to make his listeners feel something indescribable through his organic, melodic house tunes. Although he’s managed to remix and produce an abundant amount of superb deep tracks on notable labels like Anjunadeep and This Never Happened, it wasn’t until the release of “After Earth” in 2018 that propelled him to the next level with more recognition and opportunities in this wavering scene.

The classically-trained artist played the piano and trumpet while growing up in Göttingen, Germany, and it wasn’t until he was 16 years old that he started composing and producing electronic music. After creating his own label Ton Töpferei in 2016 with his brother Leon Böhmer and friend Simon Kuzarra, he’s appreciated the countless talent that has come across his way and realizes how many underground artists, especially in Berlin, deserve more attention. One example on his label is Bongbeck who’s an “insane producer that’s not on the level he should be.” Nevertheless, he desires to bring recognition to these lesser-known aspirants.

Since then, he’s performed in distinct regions around the world, but what surprises many people is that he doesn’t wear headphones, something commonly associated with DJs when they perform on stage. “Many people write comments online and assume that I prerecord sets, but I actually don’t because I play live sets and rearrange all the tracks that I’ve produced in a new way.” With the hopes of endorsing more devotion and respect among music lovers, the Berlin-based musician would also love to see more privacy on the dance floors. “If there’s someone filming you the whole time, it destroys the magic and enchanting moments of the show.” So far, there are progressive movements in certain venues across a few cities that enforce a no-photo policy in order to have fans fixate on the feeling and sentimentality of the music rather than focus on having evidence or proof that they were in attendance.

Whenever he’s not producing music, he’s playing music. The dedicated artist is learning to play guitar now and loves other self-healing activities like running and yoga. Excited to hear that there’s a lively fanbase on the other side of the world, the curious soul has never played in South America before until now where he’ll be set to perform in Medellin, Colombia next month. For the upcoming weeks, the ecstatic musician is proud and excited to release his first album that will include old and newer projects followed by an album tour. Support the heartfelt, accomplished artist now on Beatport and Facebook.

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